2020 Vision

2020 Vision


Doin All Things had its first vision board party where we set NEW goals and dreams for 2020 while celebrating all of the lovely attendees!!  There was good vibes, food, laughter, games and prizes and of course 2020 visions board presentations!  And for those that attended we will be meeting again in June 2020 for a mid year check in :0)  

For those that are new to vision boards...

What are you looking forward to manifesting in 2020?  A new home, job, relationship? Finances or health? Expand your family? Whatever it maybe...step out on faith NOW!  Plant those seeds of faith and put some action behind them in 2020!! 

You can Do All Things!!   

If you're interested in having me host your next vision board party, please send an inquiry to doinallthings@gmail.com

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