One of Them

One of Them

I was one of them….you know the ones that already had their plate full of a hundred million things (working mom, single mom, special needs mom, mom, mom, daughter, sis, friend and now wife) and always had an excuse for not having the time to do ME!!!  So I was one of them that couldn’t even imagine starting a NEW project/hustle/education level.. And I just kept the excuses going year after year while at the same time the need and want to do ME was also growing.

Then an empathy came...HOLD UP!!  Did I not get an MBA back in 2013 as a single mother of a 6 yr old and 2 yr old ALL BY MY DAMN SELF while still working full time???  So if I could do that back then when I really thought I was going to lose my mind and was borderline a functioning alcoholic (no judgement) then surely I can do it now.

That brings me all the way to now 2020 as I sit here very tired from work but still the show must go on for the real work now meaning my family and me!!!! I wrote this to remind myself and everyone else that just like the message says you CAN do all things.  We all have other things going on beside the 9-5 but if there is something else that you want to try, make the time for it and do it! Its going to be hard trying to find that balance...I’m still trying to find the balance but its worth every ounce of energy that I have to keep going. And not only to keep going but to not get distracted along the way!!!!   

So now I’m one of THEM….the ones that have the 9-5 but still comes home and keeps the house going and STILL puts in the work on the projects that I have going on. It may not seem as if any progress is being made right now but just watch and see! I’m DOIN ALL THINGS over here!

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